Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, where I will take footsteps along a path hoping to discover my future career. As a college student, I have been told various things about where I should be in my career-selecting process; these things vary from You should already know to You still have plenty of time. And although I realize that American adults tend to switch careers at least once in their lifetime, I still feel like it is my duty to explore as many options as possible in an attempt to chose the one best suited for me. Upon receiving my acceptance to Kutztown University, I had been struggling committing to one particular field. This is where I discovered Communication Studies as a major; it seemed as if something clicked in my mind. I began thinking, regardless of what career I end up with, I’m going to need to…communicate! As I have always excelled in reading and writing, learning the art of communicating attracted me. Too many people in specified fields lack proficiency due to their inability to properly communicate. Realistically thinking, it is the basis for all life, and all professional success; however, many people beg the question, “What do you plan on doing with that?” I invite you to journey with me as I further my knowledge of the field of Communication Studies and (hopefully) determine “what I’m going to do with that” major.


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