Job Ads

What better get way to get an idea of career options then by looking at job ads? My day has been filled with all the excitement. After searching several websites I discovered that while having a degree in Communication is not at all a bad thing, many jobs require a further concentration. For example, they would be focused on marketing, public relations, human resources, etc. That means I should probably declare a minor.

Prior to beginning my college career, I had wanted to pursue journalism. Upon voicing this, however, I received criticisms such as , “there’s no money in that”. Although money is not everything, the disapproval of my friends and family steered me clear of walking that path. They would say that due to the online world, there is a lower demand for journalists. Although it was discouraged, writing has always been within my skill set and has come naturally.

The further I progress in my education, I am beginning to realize that writing is as present in our society as it ever has been, but in different outlets. Where do people go to look up information instead of using an Encyclopedia or dictionary? The internet. How do these things get on the internet? People write them. How could I not have concluded that before?! There will always be a need for proficient communication, both oral and written. This realization has led me to think that perhaps a Professional Writing minor would be of benefit to me. After all, every job requires some form of writing and as society’s presence in digital media increases, the lower the quality of writing becomes. Businesses need qualified individuals to represent their company in writing.

Check out this Huffington Post article—Why Good Business Writing Is Essential to the Success of Your Business. Food for thought.


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