Just a small epiphany

Today in my Writing for the Workplace class we did Mock Job Interviews. The class was split into groups of two, of which the groups took turns playing the interviewer and interviewee. We were provided a list of sample questions (shown here) and were told to scan for a moments to prepare. I begun as the interviewee; although these types of situations usually having me shaking due to nerves, I was stunningly composed. I felt beyond capable of handling this assignment, although I had only mildly toyed with answers in my brain. Yes, I will admit that I was unprepared… but the confidence radiating out of me told a different story.

Calmly striding up to my interviewer, I smiled, introduced myself, shook his hand, and sat (after he allowed me to do so). As expected, he probed me for my career goals, strengths, weakness, and such. It was at about this point in the conversation that he had realized he hadn’t even discovered my major. Staring directly into my eyes, he inquired. I simply and factually stated that I was a Communication Studies major, to which he responded similar to how many people have responded in the past…“Why?” After almost no consideration, I began providing a response that felt natural, but I had never before cognitively processed or said aloud. It turned out as this:

I truly believe the basis of human existence as we know it would not exist without the art of communication. It is fundamental, and it exists in every part of every day. Whether it is nonverbal body language, written words, or spoken language, it’s there constantly. It is the sole outlier of everything we do. I believe that in order to effectively complete other tasks, we need to excel in the art of communicating. If you start at the baseboard, it’s much easier to work upward. That is why I chose Communication Studies as my major.

When I had finished, there was a silence. Although I couldn’t begin to guess what he was thinking, I sat there stunned that those words had come out of my mouth. What was more astonishing to me, however, was the truth behind them; I truly believed this, and I had all along.


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