Short, good read!

When I was a freshman in college, I began to notice an on-going trend. It seemed to me that people where overly-curious in what I wanted to do. It felt like everywhere I went and everyone I talked to had to mention this. Whether is one of my aunts, someone I had randomly run into at the grocery store, or my friend’s dad’s cousin’s nephew (you get the point!). To me, it seemed odd that small talk had all of a sudden transformed into something that was so personal. Little did I realize then, that career goals are as personal as I once thought.

Having no idea what direction I wanted to gear my life, I began to get very frustrated each time someone inquired about my goals. Something need to be done, and I acknowledged that I couldn’t diagnose my dream career overnight… but I could invent a view for the public eye and all those distant connections who where just so interested and concerned for me (uhuh).

This is what I did. I had read about the field of Speech-Language Pathology. While I didn’t see this as my “dream” career, but I could envision myself excelling in this field. Plus, this would give myself more time to explore all my options. From this moment on, I began to tell everyone who inquired that I wanted to be a speech therapist. In turn, I began to believe this myself until I realized one day that I had almost no background knowledge on the field! I know, that is ridiculous… But at this point I only had learned a brief overview of the field and my own personal impressions and expectations.

Recently I conducted research on the field, and while I still don’t feel an overwhelming passion for this field, I do believe I could do well. Enough of the backstory. You’re probably wondering “where is this girl going with all this?” Am I right? Here’s an article I found particularly great! Yes, that’s it.

Read it. (10 Awesome Reasons Why Being a Speech Therapist Rocks)


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