Informational Interview?!

Locating a professional to interview was the most difficult part of the process for me. I began by conducting internet searches for someone in the field of Communication, but my searching mostly resulting in job titles with vague descriptions, with no names attached to them. At this point, I narrowed my search; I started looking for Speech-Language Pathologists within a twenty mile radius. This, too, proved very difficult. While I did find the names and addresses of actual people, finding an email address was nearly impossible. I had been discussing the project with a friend of mine, who then told me her brother regularly sees a speech therapist, and that she would provide me with her email address. I was incredibly excited, until she failed to respond. It was at this point that my dad stepped forward and provided me with the phone number of a friend of his, Ms. Katie Exis, who had said she would be more than willing to sit down with me and discuss her career. I gave her a call, and left a voicemail asking for 15 minutes of her time to sit down and chat about her career, and she agreed to meet up with me for coffee.

According to Katie, good communication skills are necessary for someone looking to succeed in this career. She loves the opportunity to with children and the flexibility of the job. She noted that the only real downside is doing paperwork, which altogether, is not that much of an issue for her. She gave me many insights into this career, and has significantly sparked my interest.

In doing this informational interview, I have gained another network. Before we left, she made sure I knew that I could contact her at any point down the road if I am struggling or seeking answers. While conducting this Informational Interview was nerve-wracking at first, it turned out to be a very positive experience.


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