“Minor” Update

Recently, I have been thinking about my love of writing. It has been an ever-present thought in my mind the past few weeks, which has led me to declare a minor in Professional Writing here at Kutztown University. I know at this point you’re all admiring my punny title for this post… you’re welcome.

It’s enrollment season; the time when students stress themselves out by struggling to focus on choosing new classes for the following semester, while trying to not drown in the sea of final projects and exams in their current classes. It’s a wonderful time, especially when attempting to coincide schedules with a very busy advisor. Nonetheless, I managed to meet with my advisor and discuss my goals for completing my time here at Kutztown. While I was weary about declaring the minor, he urged me to go for it and test the waters. This is exactly what I intend on doing. Hopefully, I begin my courses in the fall… fingers crossed on that one.

In other news, the Special Olympics are coming up on May 2nd. I applied to volunteer, and due to some complications, I’ve yet to know which area I’ll be working; but I am so excited. This is a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and give back to the community. I’ve always wanted to give volunteering a try… but in my hometown, it is nearly impossible. I’m looking forward to this opportunity and to taking advantage of the resources this school has to offer. 🙂


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