“Why It Rocks to be a Communication Major”

Props to you, fellow student and blogger! I just read an amazingly encouraging blog post (which you can check out here: Why It Rocks to Be a Communication Major).

Since declaring my major in Communication Studies, I’ve gotten all sorts of absurd responses. Everything along the spectrum from, “That’s great! Such flexibility!”, to “Uhh, but what do you do with that?” (as if the major has some ridiculously negative social stigma, psh).

In all reality, this blogger stated the facts perfectly; it is more about the great things you can achieve with the wide flexibility range of this major, then what you can not do. Employers want educated people with social communication skills, written skills, and the ability to think critically. Communication majors excel in these areas, therefore providing more adaptable learning capabilities.

Regardless of your major, if you think you will procure all the knowledge necessary to jump into a job without having to learn anything new, you are dead wrong. On-the-job training is a necessity, regardless of your education. Starting at the base up (with forms of communication and critical thinking) will aid you in your abilities to more effectively learn these on-job tasks.

In summation, it does rock to be a Communication major!


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