Job Ads

What better get way to get an idea of career options then by looking at job ads? My day has been filled with all the excitement. After searching several websites I discovered that while having a degree in Communication is not at all a bad thing, many jobs require a further concentration. For example, they would be focused on marketing, public relations, human resources, etc. That means I should probably declare a minor.

Prior to beginning my college career, I had wanted to pursue journalism. Upon voicing this, however, I received criticisms such as , “there’s no money in that”. Although money is not everything, the disapproval of my friends and family steered me clear of walking that path. They would say that due to the online world, there is a lower demand for journalists. Although it was discouraged, writing has always been within my skill set and has come naturally.

The further I progress in my education, I am beginning to realize that writing is as present in our society as it ever has been, but in different outlets. Where do people go to look up information instead of using an Encyclopedia or dictionary? The internet. How do these things get on the internet? People write them. How could I not have concluded that before?! There will always be a need for proficient communication, both oral and written. This realization has led me to think that perhaps a Professional Writing minor would be of benefit to me. After all, every job requires some form of writing and as society’s presence in digital media increases, the lower the quality of writing becomes. Businesses need qualified individuals to represent their company in writing.

Check out this Huffington Post article—Why Good Business Writing Is Essential to the Success of Your Business. Food for thought.


Got trapped in a Google-vortex

As a second year college student, I’ve taken a few of my Communication courses. With this, I’ve learned the art of public speaking, the history of the major, and the art of interpersonal communication. The further I delve into my coursework, the more curious I become about the outsider view of my field. I woke up this morning and wanted to learn more, so I did what anyone in my generation would do… I pulled out my laptop and started with a Google search. After a while, I stretched and realized I had gotten trapped in what I like to call the “Google Search rabbit hole”; I had been sitting behind my computer for hours! My voyage had begun with the NCA website (The National Communication Association) and had drifted me elsewhere in a stream of never-ending information, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook, job search engines, LinkedIn, and countless career advice articles. For about a year now, I had been dead set on using this major as a stepping stone to boost my way into a Speech-Pathology program in Grad school, but this searching has left me with more questions than answers. I need to do some more digging!

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, where I will take footsteps along a path hoping to discover my future career. As a college student, I have been told various things about where I should be in my career-selecting process; these things vary from You should already know to You still have plenty of time. And although I realize that American adults tend to switch careers at least once in their lifetime, I still feel like it is my duty to explore as many options as possible in an attempt to chose the one best suited for me. Upon receiving my acceptance to Kutztown University, I had been struggling committing to one particular field. This is where I discovered Communication Studies as a major; it seemed as if something clicked in my mind. I began thinking, regardless of what career I end up with, I’m going to need to…communicate! As I have always excelled in reading and writing, learning the art of communicating attracted me. Too many people in specified fields lack proficiency due to their inability to properly communicate. Realistically thinking, it is the basis for all life, and all professional success; however, many people beg the question, “What do you plan on doing with that?” I invite you to journey with me as I further my knowledge of the field of Communication Studies and (hopefully) determine “what I’m going to do with that” major.